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Teri Aaradhana Ho | Lyrics | c ft. Allen Ganta, Philemon Anand & Sheenu Mariam

Worship Leader & Acoustic Guitar - Allen Ganta

Worship Leaders - Philemon Anand & Sheenu Mariam

Backing Vocals - Natalia Kashyap & Rohan Mane

Teri Aaradhana Ho | Lyrics | Bridge Music ft. Allen Ganta, Philemon Anand & Sheenu Mariam


Jaha mein jau -

Teri aaradhna ho

Wherever I go,

may worship arise to You

Mein jab kuch karu -

Teri aaradhna ho

Whenever I do something,

let it be a pleasing offering unto You

Mere kaamo se -

Teri aaradhna ho

Through all of my everyday duties,

may I remain devoted only to You

Meri baaton mein bhi -

Teri aaradhna ho

And even in all of my conversations,

may I bring honour to You


Tere kareeb mein badta chalu

May I keep drawing nearer to You

Tu hi zariya hai Prabhu

For You are the only way for me, Lord

Tere siva mein kuch na chahun

You are my one desire

Tu hi hai meri aarzu

I want nothing else apart from You


Yeshua, Teri aaradhna ho (x2)

Yeshua, may worship rise to You


Meri saanson se -

Teri aaradhna ho

With every breath I take,

may I praise You

Meri rooh se -

Teri aaradhna ho

From deep within my spirit,

let incense rise to You

Khayaalon mein sirf -

Teri aaradhna ho

May my opinions and

convictions surrender to You

Iraadon mein bas -

Teri aaradhna ho

May all of my heart’s intentions,

truly glorify You



Yeshua, Teri aaradhna ho

Yeshua, may worship rise to You

Yeshua, Teri aaradhna (ho) (x2)

Yeshua, may worship rise to You


Yahi hai meri kwahish

This is what I long for

Har dum, har pal,

Teri aaradhana ho

That in every breath,

in every moment,

I live to worship You

Meri khamoshi mein bhi,

mein ruk bhi jaoon toh

Even if I don’t speak a word,

even if I don’t take another step forward,

Jo bhi mein hoon,

Tere hi kaaran hoon

I bring You glory by just being Your child,

For I know all that I am is only

because of You.

Meri deh se, iss jeevan se bhi,

Teri aaradhana ho

So with all my strength, and with all my life,

I give You my worship


Nirashao mein –

Tere aanand se bhar jau

When I go through disappointments,

may I be filled with Your joy

Musibat mein bhi stuti ka hatiyaar uthau

When troubles come,

may I be armed with the weapon of praise

Har yuddh mein

Tera naam lekar mein gaau

In every battle, I will sing,

carrying the banner of Your Name

Jaiwant hoon,

Teri jai jaikar chillau

Now You have led me into victory,

and so I will shout Your praise


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Yeshua, Teri aaradhna ho

Yeshua, may worship rise to You

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